That's a loaded question, really. Why don't we introduce you to our businesses, first.
The Neutravel Company is a socially and environmentally sustainable tour operator and destination management company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We focus on group and self-guided tours that go beyond what has become standard for Dutch tourism. We want to show people the best of this beautiful country while also giving them opportunities to discover aspects of the Netherlands they never would have considered, like culinary workshops and adventure sports.
We have plans for the future to expand into the other Benelux areas, Germany and Denmark. This being said, we always want to remain small enough that if you want to speak to the owner, you can.
EURO2 bikes is a one-way bicycle rental company offering 7 and 21-speed bicycle rentals as well as camping gear rentals in the Netherlands and select locations in Belgium and Germany. The concept behind EURO2 is that a person should be able to rent a bicycle and gear in one city, say Rotterdam for example. They can have a lovely cycling holiday, possibly camping along the way, and can return the bicycle and gear in another location, like Cologne for example. This makes cycling more accessible and does away with the necessity of returning to the original rental location. We want to see people skipping the bus and train and cycling across Europe instead. We have big plans to extend into really all of Western Europe and eventually (hopefully), Eastern Europe as well.


Eve Sapp
founder and owner
Hi y'all. I'm an expat from the United States who found my place in the Netherlands. How, you may ask? I fell in love with a Dutchman- a stubborn, environmentalist Dutchman. He called me out on my hypocrisy- I cared about the planet but I was working at that time for the cruise industry and for other large-scale tourism companies. And he was right. Eventually I realized that something had to change. But, I couldn't find a way to transition my 12 years of travel industry experience into another job. So, I started The Neutravel Company in 2019. For me this isn't a job, it's a passion. It's also a way to affect the change I want to see in the world.
Personally, I enjoy cooking, bouldering, kayaking, cycling, gardening, research and music from Latin America. I strongly dislike wind, beets and packing.
More bios coming soon!

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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