Coronavirus Update

as of 19 August, 2020

It's been a roller coaster year for me. It probably has been for you too.

After lots of changes to my dreams and business practices, I've decided to start over in the simplest way possible.

The Neutravel Company probably won't offer any tours at all until 2021, but I (Eve) am still available for private guide services, upon request.

Instead, I'm putting all of my attention and energy into the one-way bicycle rental service. Before the pandemic, I felt that this service was an important part of Dutch tourism that was glaringly missing. Now, with our need to keep distance and avoid long periods in confined spaces (like buses and trains), I feel it's really essential.

I'll be completely honest with you- I don't have a lot of bikes available. I had to cancel the order for my bike fleet when the pandemic hit, because there just wasn't any way I could afford that price tag, with tourism in a slump. So instead, I have a hodgepodge assortment of trekking and city bikes available. Some are used and some are new, but all are good, reliable bikes. As the business succeeds, I'll purchase more bikes.

I'm still committed to environmental and social sustainability and want to help all people have the most authentic, environmentally friendly experiences possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions, even if you don't plan to rent a bike or take a tour.

Are you putting off travel til next year, or whenever it seems truly safe to travel again? Send me an email at and I'll give you a coupon for 15% off of a bike rental with no expiration date. I appreciate you putting your travel plans on hold to keep our communities safe and help the world get back on its feet.

By now we all have an idea of what we need to do to prevent the spread of this virus. However, if you plan to travel in the Netherlands, please make sure to check on the most recent regulations and updates. As of the time of writing, masks are required on all public transportation in the country, as well as select locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Dutch Government's Coronavirus Page:

Wherever you are and whatever your plans are, I hope that you're safe and well.

All the best,

Eve Sapp
Founder and Owner

The Neutravel Company and EURO2 Bikes

+31 (0)6 1479 8077​

as of 11 May, 2020

As of today, more than 283,000 people worldwide have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19. More than 5,400 of those people were here in the Netherlands. 


Across the country, businesses are reopening and people venturing out more often. During the two months of "lockdown" I, the owner of The Neutravel Company, have had a lot of time to evaluate the best steps for me to take moving forward. I've had to make some rather difficult decisions.


The Neutravel Company will not be offering any group day tours until further notice.


The 17 July "Weekend Cruise" Tour will still depart as planned, also until further notice. 

The 16 July Dutch Rails and Waterways Tour has been canceled.

All previously scheduled 2021 multi-day group tours have been canceled.

We will also not plan or sell group tours for the 2021 season. If you would like to hire private guide services or you have a pre-arranged group, we can offer private days tours, destination management and incoming tour management. We would also be more than happy to assist with individual trip planning and trip implementation. Please email for more information.

EURO2 Bikes is functionally shut down indefinitely. This being said, we do still have one bicycle with panniers which can be rented with prior notice.

We know that many of you had travel plans which had to be cancelled. Others may be worried about making plans. If you want to continue making plans for the summer season, and you would like to join us on the Weekend Cruise Tour, we have temporarily suspended our deposit policy. We only recommend planning to travel with us if you are a resident of the EU or UK and in good health. Payment of the tour price has been postponed until 01 July, 2020. At that time, the full amount of the tour price will need to be paid. Cancellation by you before that date will incur no cancellation fees or charges. If the tour has to be canceled at the last minute because of COVID-19 related government measures, related business closures, your own health or any other COVID-19 reason, we will refund 100% of any money which you have paid.  We want to keep travel available and accessible so that when the situation has resolved, we can continue helping people discover the best of the Netherlands.

Please don't forget to consider the vulnerable members of your community. We can all work together to ensure that they're safe. Before making a travel decision, bulk shopping purchase, doctor's visit or any other decision, consider how this could impact our seniors and people with preexisting health concerns. If in doubt, reach out to your local Coronavirus hotline. Please also seek information on the virus, its symptoms, prevention and spread from reliable sources. Social media is rife with false information.

Our mission was to create healthier, more accessible travel and tours for everyone here in the Netherlands. While it appears that our business will not exit from this pandemic unscathed, if at all, we continue to stick to our mission of making the planet, and our fellow humans, healthier through sustainable decisions. We hope that wherever you are, you're safe and healthy, and that however you can, you'll join us in making tourism better.

Eve Sapp
Founder and Owner
The Neutravel Company and EURO2 Bikes

Important Links:

The Dutch Government's Coronavirus Page:

The World Health Organization's Coronavirus Page:

The EU's Coronavirus Response Page: 

The United States' Government's Coronavirus Response Page:

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