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We’ve all been waiting for this. Starting in April of 2020, The Neutravel Company will begin offering our EURO2 one-way bicycle rentals between select locations in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

You will be able to pick up your bicycle and (optional) gear in one location and return it in another location. No need to figure out how to get your bike back to the rental shop in the starting location. Who wants to go where they’ve already been?

For the 2020 Spring and Summer season you will be able to rent and return a EURO
2 bike at standard rates in the following cities:
  • Amsterdam
  • Arnhem
  • Groningen
  • Rotterdam
  • The Hague
  • Utrecht
  • Antwerp
  • Bruges
  • Brussels
  • Cologne
Are you interested in cycling to a city that we don’t have listed here? Send us an email or a facebook message and we’ll see what we can work out, though there will likely be a transportation fee added to the rental cost.
What will a basic rental include?
We have bikes available to fit a variety of heights. Currently we do not have any "child" sized bikes, but with 2 weeks notice or more we can add some to the fleet.
We know that for avid cyclists, a 7-speed bike may seem unusual for long distance touring. However, for the flat, paved terrain of the Netherlands and surrounding regions, we have found 7-speed touring to be just fine. Even so, we will be adding more conventional trekking bikes shortly. If you specifically are interested in renting a trekking/touring bike, please contact us.
  • a Shimano Nexus 7-speed City-style cycle from Roetz bikes with 2 handbrakes
  • Ree-light Always-On magnetic lights.
  • front and rear racks
  • AXA rear wheel lock with chain
  • bell
  • basic repair kit and tire pump
  • helmet (optional)
  • high-rez yellow vest (optional)
  • waterproof, pannier style bike bags from Vaude
  • 2- person tent
  • 2 season sleeping bag with liner
  • sleeping pad
    (camping bundles available)
We want people to choose biking over other transportation modes, so we're trying to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. The longer your rental period, the more of a discount you get.
Let's say you want to take a 10 day trip. We will charge you the 1 week rate plus 3 additional days at a rate of €13/day, making the total €159 excluding VAT.
The prices quoted below do not include VAT.
1-6 days:
1 week:
2 weeks:
3 weeks:
1 month:
€ 18 per day
€120 (each extra day € 13/day)
€210 (each extra day €10/day)
€280 (each extra day €5/day)
Are you a deaf cyclist? We want you to be safe out on the bike paths! We have side-mirrors available that can be added to the handlebars at no additional charge as well as complimentary high-rez vests with "Deaf Cyclist" screen printed on the back.
We will also have a limited number of tandem bikes available for stoker/pilot pairs which include blind and/or paracyclists. If you give us enough notice (2 weeks is preferable) we will also buy specialty bikes for people with mobility related needs. There are some great tandem and solo options out there for wheelchair users, people with balance concerns and more. We don't believe that "disability" should keep anyone from having an adventure.
Please contact us for any questions or requests. The sooner you contact us, the better we can assist you!
​​​Our separate EURO2 Bikes page will be live soon, but in the meantime if you'd like to book a rental, please email us at We also recommend liking us on Facebook and subscribing to our newsletter.

Do you live in the Benelux countries, Germany or Denmark and want to work with us on this? Send us an email!

Rotterdam, Netherlands
+31 6 14798077

KVK (Chamber of Commerce): 76928446

BTW/VAT: NL003144959B42

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