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Note from the owner, on 11 August:
We had big plans prior to the Coronavirus crisis to finally make one-way bicycle rentals easily accessible to people in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In fact, the day the Netherlands officially locked down, we were supposed to be participating in a sustainable start-up initiative to help EURO2 Bikes scale up. We're sure you can relate to how much the world has changed since March 2020.
So, we're starting over "from scratch." We have a small fleet of trekking and city bikes, which will grow as our bookings grow. With a small fleet, we're able to offer more personalized service, including flexible pick-up and drop-off locations. We've altered our pricing structure to reflect our fleet and abilities. 

You will still be able to pick up your bicycle and (optional) gear in one location and return it in another location. No need to figure out how to get your bike back to the rental shop in the starting location. Who wants to go where they’ve already been? We don't have a physical location, so we'll bring the bike to you at the train station or, if possible, at your lodging.
We also offer contactless pick-ups and drop-offs.


  • your choice of a 7-speed city bike or a 21-speed trekking bike
  • front and rear lights.
  • a rear rack with bungee
  • AXA rear wheel lock with chain
  • bell
  • basic repair kit and tire pump
  • helmet (optional)
  • high-rez yellow vest (optional)
  • maps, guide books (optional- please specify your intended route)
  • handlebar cell phone holder (optional)


  • waterproof, 25 L rear pannier style bike bags

    €1.50 per bag per day
    €10 per bag per week
This is just one of our bikes.
Our whole fleet is very different.
Learn more
We have bikes available to fit a variety of heights. Currently we do not have any "child" sized bikes, but with 2 weeks notice or more we can add some to the fleet.
We know that for avid cyclists, a 7-speed bike may seem unusual for long distance touring. However, for the flat, paved terrain of the Netherlands and surrounding regions, we have found 7-speed touring to be just fine. 



Save 30% on a rental of 2 weeks or more in the month of September

The pricing works as follows. You select the type of bike and for how long you'd like it. That's the base price. Then you choose your pick-up and drop off "zones" to determine the transportation fee. That, plus the base price equals the total price of the rental, including VAT but excluding any optional extras (like panniers).
We're based in Rotterdam and the transportation fee is based on us transporting the bike from our storage location in Rotterdam to the beginning location and/or picking it up from the ending location and transporting it back to Rotterdam.
We want people to choose biking over other transportation modes, so we're trying to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. The longer your rental period, the more of a discount you get on the base rental price.
Let's say you want to take a 10 day trip with a city bike from Rotterdam to Groningen. We will charge you the 1 week rate plus 3 additional days at a rate of €10/day, making the base price €110. The transportation fee is €30, making the total rental price €140, including VAT.


1-6 days:
1 week:
2 weeks:
3 weeks:
1 month:
€ 12 per day
€80 (each extra day € 10/day)
€150 (each extra day €8/day)
€205 (each extra day €6/day)


1-6 days:
1 week:
2 weeks:
3 weeks:
1 month:
€ 16 per day
€110 (each extra day € 14/day)
€205 (each extra day €12/day)
€285 (each extra day €10/day)
Are you interested in cycling to a city that we don’t have listed here? Send us an email or a facebook message and we’ll see what we can work out based on the location and accessibility.
Zone 0 - Netherlands
  • Delft
  • Dordrecht
  • The Hague
  • Hoek van Holland
  • Rotterdam
Zone 1 - Netherlands
  • Amsterdam
  • Schiphol Airport
  • Utrecht
Zone 2 - Netherlands
  • Arnhem
  • Den Helder
Zone 2 - Belgium
  • Antwerp
  • Brussels
Zone 3 - Netherlands
  • Groningen
  • Maastricht
  • Texel
Zone 3 - Belgium
  • Bruges
Zone 3 - Germany
  • Cologne


Are you a deaf cyclist? We want you to be safe out on the bike paths! We have side-mirrors available that can be added to the handlebars at no additional charge as well as complimentary high-rez vests with "Deaf Cyclist" screen printed on the back.
We also hope to have a limited number of tandem bikes available for stoker/pilot pairs which include blind and/or paracyclists. If you give us enough notice (2 weeks is preferable) we will also buy specialty bikes for people with mobility related needs. There are some great tandem and solo options out there for wheelchair users, people with balance concerns and more. We don't believe that "disability" should keep anyone from having an adventure.
Please contact us for any questions or requests. The sooner you contact us, the better we can assist you!
​​​Our separate EURO2 Bikes page will be live soon, but in the meantime if you'd like to book a rental, please visit our booking request page or email us at info@neutravelcompany.com. You can also like us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest.

Do you live in the Benelux countries, Germany or Denmark and want to work with us on this? Send us an email!
​​​Need more info? You're in the right place. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive and their answers
Can I rent a bike for a half-day?
Our minimum rental period is 24 hours. You can of course return the bike earlier than that with prior arrangement, but you will not receive a refund for any unused time.
We do have a flexible option for rentals longer than one day. Let's say, for example, that you want to rent a bicycle for 2 days, but you'd like to pick it up in the morning on the pick-up day and return it in the afternoon or evening on the return day. Then, rather than charging for another full day, we offer the following:
Late returns 2-7 hours:   € 5
Late returns 8-12 hours: € 10
Returns times more than 12 hours later the pick-up time will be charged for another day.
This is pricing will be arranged at the time of booking. Late rentals that have not been previously communicated to us will be charged a higher fee.
For more information, please see our
Bike rental terms
What kind of bikes do you have?
Our initial plans included a shiny fleet of beautifully up-cycled and branded bikes through Roetz bikes, a fantastic bicycle company based in Amsterdam. If you're looking to buy a city bike, you should check them out.
Coronavirus happened and we had to rearrange.
Our fleet is not branded (yet) and no one bike is the same as the other. Most of our bikes are refurbished, certified to be not previously stolen (a big deal here) 21 and 7-speed bikes. We do have one bicycle that was purchased new, but in line with our sustainability vision, we prefer to use well-made, refurbished bikes. The brands in our fleet currently include Batavus, Giant and Btwin.
We stand by our bikes. If you rent a bike from us and you feel that it's not the appropriate quality for the money you're paying, tell us and we'll offer the appropriate refund based on the nature of your complaints. Your enjoyment and experience is very important to us.
Do bikes get stolen often in the Netherlands? Should I worry?
Yes and no. There are 17 million people here and an estimated 22.5 million bicycles, so naturally there will be more bikes stolen here than in other places. The selling of stolen bikes has unfortunately become a big business for some people.
Amsterdam has a pretty bad rap for bike theft and bike part theft (i.e. lights, wheels). I, Eve, the owner of the company, would not love the idea of leaving my bike chained up on the street overnight in Amsterdam or any of the other big cities in the "Randstad."
The first thing to do to prevent theft is use the locks. All of our bikes come with an AXA rear wheel lock and added chain. Even if you're just leaving the bike for a few minutes, lock it up. As far as storing the bike overnight, most hotels and hostels offer some sort of secure bike parking. If you're staying in a friend's house or a vacation rental home/apartment, ask where they suggest storing your bike. The bike will be safest overnight stored inside and locked.
We don't offer additional theft insurance for several reasons, but if you're concerned about the possibility of being liable for a stolen bike, let us know and we can offer some suggestions.
How can I pay?
We always accept debit cards, credit cards, paypal, IBAN/SEPA bank transfers and tikkie. Cash is accepted on a case-by-case basis. It can be difficult to return a cash deposit to you if you rented the bike in the Netherlands and are returning it in Belgium.
Payment by debit, credit and paypal is handled via the Payment page of our website.
Payment by IBAN/SEPA bank transfer should be done through your bank's online or mobile banking system for bank to bank transfers.
Payment by cash will be handled in person on the day of your rental.
Do you charge a deposit?
Yes. We charge a €50 deposit per bike, which is refunded upon successful return of the bike on time and in good condition. The deposit amount will be refunded in the same form in which it was paid.
For more information, see our Bike rental terms
Why one-way rentals? Does anyone else offer this?
The exact reason why we offer one-way bike rentals- rentals that start in one city and end in another, is because we couldn't find anyone else offering this service at an affordable price across the whole of the Netherlands or going into the surrounding countries.
There are lots of great bike tour agencies out there and if you want an experience with a guide, you should definitely look into those. If you're like us and want to explore on your own and at your own pace, then we're here for you.
In the spirit of honesty and because we're here to help people have good travel experiences, not for us to get rich, there is another company in the province of Gelderland that offers one-way kayak and canoe rentals and may also offer one-way bicycle rentals as well. We think they're a great company and if you're looking for a padding and cycling adventure, check them out at kano.nl
(We're not affliated with them or their services in any way. We just think they're cool. They don't know that we've mentioned them here)
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