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We offer a variety of multi-day, escorted tours of the Netherlands that are authentic and sustainable.


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2020 TRIPS

Dutch Rail & Waterways

16-24 July 2020

1 departure

9 days/8 nights

3 & 4 Star Hotels

15 included meals


from €1950/pp do



A Weekend "Cruise" Getaway

17-20 July 2020

1 departure

4 days/3 nights

4 Star Hotels

6 included meals

Easy to moderate

from €650/pp do


The Netherlands: On and Off the Beaten Path

Summer 2020

2 departures

10 days/9 nights

3 & 4 Star Hotels

18 included meals

Easy to moderate


from €2550/pp do

2021 TRIPS

Springtime Sail & Cycle

March & April 2021

2 departures

8 days/7 nights

sailing ship accommodations

All meals included

Moderate to

from €1550/pp do


1. We like small groups and big experiences- we will never have more than 25 people per departure. Our specialty tours have no more than 16 people.
NEW FOR COVID-19: Our Weekend Cruise Tour will have no more than 15 participants
2. We hate early mornings, especially on vacation. We will make every effort to schedule tour activities and departures later in the morning. This means that you can enjoy your breakfast, get packed at your leisure and maybe even explore a bit on your own (if you’re one of those “morning people.”)
3. Along that same line, we also build our tour itineraries to allow lots of time for yourself. We’re sure that you’ll love getting to know your fellow travelers while participating in the activities that we’ve arranged for you, but we understand. Everyone needs space to explore or relax on their own, too.
4. While you’re enjoying your free time, we want to help you explore the great places we’re visiting and we want you to feel confident to go out on your own. Each of our guests will receive an OV-Chip card (anonymous version) pre-loaded with €10 of travel credit.
5. You might have noticed that sustainability is a pretty big deal to us. Our tours are designed to not only be fulfilling experiences, but also sustainable ones. We select the most climate neutral hotels, transportation and activities that we can find. Obviously, we will still produce greenhouse gasses- just by living. Until we discover a more refined solution, we build into the cost of the trip carbon emission offsets for 3 tonnes per person. Then, after the trip we calculate the total carbon emissions from the group and we pay the offsets out of our profits. Seriously.
6.We want you to be empowered to make sustainable choices while traveling, so each of our guests will have the option of receiving a free gift! Currently our guests have the choice of a Dopper water bottle or a reusable bag that was upcycled by Looped Goods. Don't need more stuff? You can opt for us to make a donation to a social or environmental sustainability organisation instead!
7. The sustainability doesn't stop there though! Our tour directors will collect any reusable materials like paper and cans and bring them to a local organization that "up-cycles" them. Feel like collecting some trash in your spare time? Unfortunately we have it in our parks and waterways. We will have gloves and trash picking poles with us on tour.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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