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Eve here, owner of The Neutravel Company. I'm so glad that you're thinking about getting travel insurance. If you can't make it on a trip or if something happens while you're traveling, I'll really hate it if you're not protected.
I've been to over 35 countries, most of that on my own with a backpack and some crazy ideas. Sometimes I had travel insurance and sometimes I didn't. Most of the times, I haven't needed it. However, the times when I got sick or an airline lost my luggage, it was great to know that any unforseen expenses would be covered. And on the trips when I hadn't bought travel insurance, I wished I had.
As it would happen, the only travel insurance company I've ever used is World Nomads. You can buy insurance while you're already traveling. If you do have to file a claim, the process is straightforward and in my experience, easy.
I realize this probably sounds like most generic "advertorials" but the fact is, everything I'm saying is true and because I've only used World Nomads and they've always worked for me, I think you should at least take a look at what they offer.

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